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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Extreme View Profile View Posts. Templar only boost aliens speed and make them to take decisions a lot quicker i think that anyone cant fix matchmaking expect Gearbox also Tempalr made great work of overhaul mod is the only way to make this game playable. Last edited by Extreme ; 15 Dec, 2: We never got an SDK. PC , PlayStation 3. Critic score Publication By date. Like most successful license-based games, Aliens: Colonial Marines is much more than a loving homage; it serves as one of the most robust story-driven co-op experiences to date.

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The concept definitely has room to grow, but as maiden voyages go, Colonial Marines is a clear winner. All this publication's reviews Read full review. Colonial Marines is disappointing in many ways. Though it features some solid mechanics, the game delivers a short single player campaign and some mediocre graphics. The abysmal graphics and bland shooting make this game a gigantic disappointment, especially if you consider the names involved in its development. Still, it randomly captures the atmosphere of the movies and can be quite fun online.

Truly a missed opportunity.

The enemies in this game are just dumb as a damned rock. Just expect the plotting and atmosphere to feel slightly stale throughout. It even had the right voice talent bringing back Lance Henriksen as a Bishop-model clone All this publication's reviews. Colonial Marines is not the bad game that most reviewers have made it out to be. With the reviews it's been getting, you would think it was unplayable!

However, the hoax that Pitchford sold with his video demo two years ago has clearly poisoned the well. Everyone seems to want to know: Where is that game? With Colonial Marines supposedly outsourced, all the talent went to Borderlands 2, I guess. Aliens Colonial Marines is a half baked cake.

The recipe and the pictures look delicious but the implementation reveals the only obvious thing: Old look, old feeling and old design. Some fresh ideas, a fun multiplayer mode and decent fan service save the day. The Globe and Mail Toronto. Colonial Marines is a decent love letter to a great sci-fi movie, but it falls short of being something special in its own right. Fans of the franchise will either love it for the subtleties and little details it gets right, or hate it for missing some of the most important parts.

Once you best the hour campaign - and suffer through an absolute butchering of some long-held Aliens narrative themes - it's time to try out the surprisingly solid multiplayer modes. While the head-to-head options will likely be an afterthought for many franchise faithful, the online throwdowns actually manage to capture the Aliens feel better than the campaign itself. Official Xbox Magazine UK. Colonial Marines can't trade on nostalgia alone It needed to offer intense combat against an unstoppable force, deft storytelling that matched the cinematic flair of the films, and some new ideas that could have rejuvenated an overexposed franchise.

It needed, in short, to be a better game.

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This is really a review of two games: Unsatisfying in every aspect, Aliens: Colonial Marines doesn't do justice to the name it carries. In essence if Colonial Marines were chocolate it would be Cadbury's; it's chocolate, has all the ingredients of chocolate, but the only real attraction is the name, the quality leaving you somewhat hollow and unfulfilled.

This is a wasted chance. While Rebellion's Aliens vs.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Screens & Gameplay Video

Predator remake at least occasionally managed to deliver horror atmosphere and suspense, Colonial Marines mutates to a rather dull run-and-gun-experience, while the visuals seem older than the movie this is based on. Colonial Marines will be worth a nostalgic trip down memory lane because of the authenticity in the game. Even the multiplayer is worth a shot, but the generic and boring single player mode will not entertain you for long. On nearly every field this game falls short and adds little to the first-person shooter genre.

Due to the simplicity of the levels and lack of enemy diversity, the game experience was extremely short; it took 2 players about 5 hours to finish the campaign on hardened difficulty, and to be clearer, we can say that the only difference between difficulties lays in damage resistance and the lack of a HUD. Even though I have a terribly high tolerance for bad monster movies, I still couldn't find an excuse for Aliens: We are introduced to her late in the starting missions of the campaign, and she is a whiny, over aggressive asshole, who later threatens to execute a superior officer for making a competent call in leadership.

She does manage to pull some subtly in her writing when she begins to go through the Kubler Ross' stages of grief, knowing that the chest burster within her will erupt at any moment. Though when that is her best defining characteristic and she has actually gone out of her way to get the entire squad killed I have to side with Reid and question if we should trust her. Also and I know people will get up in arms about this, one of the original marines deployed with Ripley's group survived, was captured by Weyland Yutani and has been feeding them information to counter Colonial Marine activity.

It should come as no surprise that the lucky bastard is Hicks, mainly because the developers took the time and effort to make a Hicks' character model to begin with. Which opens a massive plot hole that is simply waved away with the direct quote, word for word "That's another story.

I have seen plots in a Suda 51 game that were more coherent and had better characterization then what's on display here. Scratch that, all Suda 51 games fit that bill. This story is just a mess, and could have done with more development time which would have probably drawn Colonial Marines into development cycle hell. Finally lets look at the gameplay, arguably the single most important part of any game. Do I really need to tell you that the game is bad at this point?

Aliens: Colonial Marines Angry Review

I am honestly surprised by how lackluster the design of this game is, even managing to be outdone by AvP 2 a game that is 12 years old, and with the marines only being one of three campaigns. The major issue is that while AvP 2 pushes the limit of its platforms, to allow for a true Aliens experience, Colonial Marines uses the limitations of the consoles as a crutch to excuse poor design choices.

Rather then allowing the weapons to be mapped to the number keys, you must use the radial menu system to swap gear. That's right there isn't a two weapon limit, yet you are limited to two weapons at a time, yet can change them out at any time, including in combat. Now don't get me wrong, radial menus can work incredibly well, take for example Dishonored on the PC which allowed for quick swapping on the fly. This set up an intricate combo system, where as here it slows down the pace if you are in combat, or just becomes a bit of a chore when you aren't currently engaged.

Its a minor detail at best, and I only bring it up again for personal choice in the matter, the game itself gives better examples of disjointed gameplay. For a more severe disconnect, we need to look at the AI of the Aliens, which have similar AI to those in AvP 2, charging directly into gunfire and being easily mowed down. Call me cynical but I will cut the game coded on the Lithtech Talon engine some slack, and shockingly the AI in AvP 2 is actually better.

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This doesn't mean the Marine AI is any better, with them most often rushing through a room to get to a predetermined waypoint, and often times refusing to even fire their weapons at any enemies. There have even been times when the marines will stand right in front of an active sentry turret and refuse to move when being peppered with shells.

Even moments where the AI will actively sabotage your efforts in the Co-op campaign, leading to many a death. I also hope you weren't in this game to play around with the powerloader, you use it twice and only one of those is for a fight, or for the smartgun, which you only get to use for a grand total of 7 minutes if you manage to find Vasquez's Legendary Smartgun later in the game.

This is made up for in multiplayer, at least in regards to the Smartgun which is a pickup somewhere in the level.

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I do wonder why they couldn't balance the canonical weapons of the Aliens' series instead opting for pulse rifles having less ammo, and the Smartguns not being allowed as a limited player class as seen in previous Aliens' titles. Co-op in the game does add to its play ability, but the game is criminally short, clocking in at 4 hours on the lowest difficulty maybe even less if you ignore collectibles , and getting up to 8 hours on the hardest difficulty with myself and Joe, though that was an hour of standing around doing nothing to record good footage, and spending tons of time looking for collectibles.

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In general though Co-op is a mixed bag, while there are custom animations and player models in co-op, it just feels really tacked on, with the other players feeling like extra guns and being completely ignored in the story. As for multiplayer, it is decent, though it doesn't really stand out. I do like the execution system from the Aliens though its very hit or miss in terms of connecting with a target. There also seems to be a little bit of lag compensation, and with the system using a matchmaking player hosted style, you can expect to see a lot of laggy games while playing.