Dating ex students

Is a teacher allowed to date an ex student??

Is it legal for a ex student to date a teacher from school?

Cause at the moment i'm in Sixth Form, but i'm madly in love with this P. E teacher there, who's I have one more year left of sixth form, so when I leave would I be able to be with him? I'll be 18 when I leave. Surely when I leave the school it's no longer an issue. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

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If you are over 18 you can legally have a relationship with a teacher even if you are still a student depending on school policy though!! So wait until you are 18 and go for it!! I've done it and it was a really bad idea. We never got over the whole power thing and I always felt inferior.

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Relationship failed and I was completely messed up. Do guys or girls find female firefighters attractive? Is dating in middle school really as horrible as people say? Is having low self esteem a big turn off?

Have you ever decided to become friends rather than a couple after a few dates? Which skin color attracts you the most? What Guys Said 6. No not if your of legal age. I know a girl dating a former teacher of hers.

As long as you're 18 or older, not a problem. What Girls Said 7. And if anyone wants to know any thing else, just ask. Follow 2 Original post by Anonymous This teacher only taught me for about 3 months during the first year of sixth form and I've met him again a year and a half after finishing sixth form. Follow 3 There's nothing wrong with it.

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It probably feels awkward because you knew as a teacher. But you are both adults so it don't think of it from a sixth former's girl perspective, think of it from an adult who is just dating a teacher who happened to teach them at some point. If it makes you feel any better, the president of France, Macron dated his language teacher and is married to her.

I think she's 10 years older than him. Nirvana Follow followers 20 badges Send a private message to Nirvana Follow 5 Lol, fifty shades of weird. Follow 6 Bit odd that's your old teacher, hence the other guy's reference to Macron i was thinking of the little britain sketch when a teacher married his pupil. But 6 year's isn't too bad. I'd say if you want to try then try it.

See if you have a connection. It sounds that you both like each other and socially speaking 6 years isn't the worst age gap that's out there. I'd say it's okay, it wasn't like he held feelings for you while he was your teacher, your age difference isn't that big.

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He wasn't really a teacher for you for long either. You dont even need to say that he used to be your teacher, just mention him being met at the wedding. Definitely a coincidence though. If you like him, and make sure you like him and aren't just going for it of course, there's really nothing weird about it at all. You'd only be breaking rules if he was still your teacher in sixth form maybe, i'm not entirely sure but it is frowned upon in school but no laws are being broken and no school rules are being broken if he's still a teacher.

So honestly, you're completely fine. I don't think many people would judge you and if they did then they aren't really worth it.

If you feel like you like him and are safe with dating him I'd say do what you want but there's no real problem to it. Original post by 1Dudette4Ever There's nothing wrong with it. Follow 9 Original post by Anonymous Looool. But seriously, what should I do?

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Original post by matwillis Bit odd that's your old teacher, hence the other guy's reference to Macron i was thinking of the little britain sketch when a teacher married his pupil. Follow 11 Well, are you interested in him? Get to know him a bit more if you are, make sure he's not looking for a fling unless you're into that who knows haha and why worry about what others say?