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Having that character also be a person of color was also a huge step forward for diversity at a time when LGBTQ characters were underrepresented on the whole. The exploration of that closet in an unfriendly setting has been maybe the most interesting thing about the series in its later years. It did so while featuring daring storylines about transgender individuals and exploring bisexuality and the fluidity of desire in unexpected if at times controversial ways.

While the show has been known to change storylines, the romantic undertones of Mulan's feelings for Aurora nevertheless make this an unexpectedly queer series to watch. Featuring Laverne Cox as a trans woman of color is also of major credit to the series. Now maybe she can have more storylines in season four? Outlander present Talking about sexuality and Outlander , Starz's biggest series, is difficult. When one character is portrayed as possibly gay, then clarified as a sadist , complications are inevitable.

There's at least one major gay character in the books who should be coming to the series, however. Oz HBO's prison-drama show gave life to one of the most bizarre same-sex couples on television: What begins as a prison prank to humiliate Beecher and toy with his emotions Keller is a known sociopath soon gave way to a more complicated relationship between these two ostensibly straight inmates.

It was a relationship that included homoerotic wrestling, drunken kisses and, eventually, a Shakespearean betrayal plot that ends in tragedy. Penny Dreadful present Points for gayness: Patti LuPone as a scary witch , two male characters swapping a kiss early in the series' run. Patti LuPone as a scary witch, the overall feeling of boundary-pushing.

Patti LuPone as a scary witch. Popular Ryan Murphy's first stab at high school mean girls comedy was the closest the WB got to high camp, with the non-sequitur humor and fabulous zingers doled out by popular girls Mary Cherry and Nicole Julian matched only by their outrageous outfits. Pretty Little Liars present ABC Family's whodunnit teen thriller shows the inclusive sensibility that characterizes much of that channel's original programming. This is most clearly seen in the character of Emily Fields, who harbored feelings for Alison Delaurentis before the latter went missing, and whose blossoming lesbian sexuality is explored in the show's later seasons.

Prison Break This one looks more gay in hindsight, since star Wentworth Miller came out in At the time, however, the relationship between his character Michael Scofield the other inmates definitely had homo-friendly attributes. Queer as Folk In , Queer as Folk looks rather exclusive: In the moment, however, it was groundbreaking, and it deserves to be remembered as such.

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Revenge Somewhere out there is a version of Revenge that's queerer than this one was. What started with two women facing off in a battle of mental chess — wronged woman Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp and villainous matriarch Victoria Grayson Madeleine Stowe — got lost in a flurry of nonsensical twists and turns. Roseanne Roseanne Barr's blue-collar family sitcom was one of the first prime-time shows to feature a recurring openly lesbian character Sandra Bernhard's Nancy Bartlett, who came out in the infamous "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" episode that was hot point of contention between Barr and network ABC , not to mention a full-on gay wedding with male strippers and flamingoes!

Scandal present When characters aren't screaming "Earn me! The tragic marriage of Republican chief of staff Cyrus Beene and reporter James Novak stands out in memory.

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Sense8 present Perhaps the queerest show in recent headlines, the Wachowski siblings' sci-fi show not only features a gay male couple and a lesbian couple half of whom is a trans woman at its center, but also forcefully pushes the idea of desire as fluid. This is nowhere more apparent than in the orgiastic sex scene which connects all eight Sensates midway through the show's freshman season. Sex and the City There's a reason HBO's show about four women talking frankly about their sex lives is such a gay classic. What's underestimated, however, is how the show gently pushed against more complicated boundaries, if not always in the most elegant way the bisexual episode was a moment of particular tone-deafness.

Remember when Samantha dated a Latina woman and it was maybe her most meaningful relationship up to that point? Shameless present Give this Showtime series its due for featuring the most unconventional gay couple on TV. Shameless doesn't care much for breaking down barriers or including queer themes in its storylines. Six Feet Under One of HBO's earliest hits was a long meditation on death, and it also gave us the most fully fleshed out gay couple in that network's history.

David Fisher often functioned as an examination of repressed and conservative gay men wrestling with their sexuality, while his boyfriend and, later, husband Keith Charles pushed him to escape from those trappings. Smash Starring several gay male characters and being all about this business we call show, Smash was one of the gayest series on TV during its two-year run on NBC. What's strange, then, is how incredibly un-queer it is. It is the definition of making TV for a specific audience. On Soap , a comedic parody of soap operas, Jodie was a lightning rod for controversy, and not just from the right.

His portrayal as a confluence of queer stereotypes, including being a transvestite and taking the idea of sex reassignment surgery lightly, looks particularly ghastly in Spartacus It's probably not surprising that a show about Roman gladiators would merit inclusion here; after all, much of its fighting sequences were as steamy as any softcore gay porn not to mention the actual sex scenes.

Star Trek , , , , In a franchise known for tackling social issues in sci-fi disguise, gender and sexuality were often touched upon, though rarely engaged in earnest. In fact, no LGBT character or storyline is present in any of the franchise's shows, though polyamory and polygamy were central to regular character Phlox, a Denobulan doctor. Supernatural present What does a showrunner do when a huge number of his series' fans want the central characters — brothers — to get together?

Over the years, Supernatural has indulged fans' wishes in small ways, including directly acknowledging them in multiple episodes. The show would never actually go there, of course. Teen Wolf present MTV's supernatural series is a gay utopia — lots of queer acceptance , lots of shirtless boys — without many actually gay characters. It's teasingly queer but only somewhat gay, a rare flip on the teen series-friendly formula.

By season two, Mickey inadvertently offers a refreshing look at his casual sexcapades when he's found passed out with a young boytoy he met online. The Flash present There's no gay superhero show on TV right now, but we do have a pretty queer one. The Flash features gay villains , stars the queer-friendly Grant Gustin and is produced by gay creator Greg Berlanti.

Still, in the age of the superhero franchise, you'd think one of them could be at least questioning his or her sexuality. The Fosters present The central couple on this ABC Family show is a pair of women of different racial backgrounds.

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One of their sons is questioning his sexuality as a teen. One character is trans.

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Did we mention this is an ABC Family show? It may be a conventional family series package, but The Fosters breaks down all kinds of barriers. In its first two seasons, it was. After that, it was merely good — a missed opportunity. The L Word The lesbian television show par excellence, this Showtime series focuses on a group of lesbian friends in West Hollywood.

During its six-season run, it used soapy love triangles to tell frank stories about lesbian and queer relationships, motherhood, addiction, closeted sexuality and sexual harassment.

LGBTQ TV Shows: Presenting the Gay-to-Queer Television Matrix

The Nanny The show that made Fran Drescher and her inimitable laugh a star had at its core a clotheshorse of a lead obsessed with Elton John and who was in love with her boss, a Broadway musical producer. Pretty gay for a girl from Queens, New York, don't you think?

The New Normal Ryan Murphy's autobiographical look at his own attempts at starting a family via a surrogate led to this saccharine, well-intentioned sitcom that nevertheless exists as another example of white privileged gay shows whose idea of progress is marriage and a baby. Her fling with Marissa Cooper Mischa Barton in the show's second season raised plenty of eyebrows, even if the story is quite tame looking back.

Williams , a gangster and man of color who dated other men of color, was a truly original character.

Keanu Reeves Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Married, Dating, Gay, Wiki

It's a credit to the show that their sexualities were matter-of-fact, but failing to explore their identities much further kept David Simon's beloved series firmly on the narrow side of the queer divide. Transparent present This is the definition of challenging boundaries while simultaneously feeling pretty safe. It's not perfect , but for what it is, it's quite revolutionary. True Blood The entire rhetoric that surrounds vampires in Alan Ball's show "God hates fangs" is lifted almost verbatim from the bigoted words hauled at gays and lesbians.

That the show also featured complex bisexual characters alongside more traditional, long-standing same-sex couples — all the while pushing the normative boundaries of sex and desire — makes it one of the gayest and queerest shows in recent memory. True Detective present Creator Nic Pizzolatto is a little too straight- and male-minded for True Detective to be very queer, though Matthew McConaughey's and Woody Harrelson's characters' relationship in season one was a philosophy bro spin on homoeroticsm.

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