Im dating a blind guy

It would really come down to attractiveness and how good of a fit she was for me to say yea or nay.

Rather a girl can see or not doesn't matter to me as long as it doesn't negatively impact any of my typical deciding factors. Personality can make up for a less-desirable trait or multiple traits all on it's own. Style similar to personality, but more focused on interaction and conversation style. Physical appearance only matters to a certain degree. Yes, because we would get great parking at wal-mart and because no matter how old and ugly I continue to get.

I'm beautiful to her no matter what. I would actually date a blind person if I find her attractive overall and there also if the chemistry is there.

Would you date a blind person? - GirlsAskGuys

Yeah being blind is not a deal breaker for me. Excuse me what's that meant to mean I am 27 I am a single mother to a 4 year old, I have a guide dog, I am registered blind. I take my daughter to shop, I take her everywhere. I am independant, I pay my own morgage. I pay my own bills, My daughters best friend is my guide dog. He has brought us more enjoyment in such a small space of time than an self centered man has.

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And he does more for us. Honestly if she has an amazing personnality and i truly enjoy being around her i have no problem. If she relies on me or not doesn't really matter. I will date a blind person ,if I'm interested in her and she feel the same about me.

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Yes I definitely would! Most sighted women are never happy with what they have and are always looking for something better! I feel that if treated right a blind woman would not feel compelled to cheat because she won't be faced with someone a little better looking every day. It's a shame folks are that shallow, but it happens a lot! I don't have the time in my life to take the responsibility. Otherwise I probably would.

I don't see a problem. It's not like all dates have to be dinner and a movie dates. There are other things to do.

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Music showcases at local pubs, comedy clubs, etc.. If it doesn't bother the other person, then why should it bother me?

I think the question here is why people lie that much? I bet most of them wouldn't date a blind people when they say they would I definitely agree-- they would be so interesting to talk to. I would love to know how they "see" the world. I would also challenge myself to find new ways to describe things using things other than sight. And also, it would challenge me to work on my personality.

He wouldn't be able to see my appearance, so all he could judge me on is my personality. Yeah, because he wouldn't focus as much on the physical aspect of things, like appearance, and probably focus more on the connection. If I like someone, these things don't matter. If we just have a spark, yes. And I can know he's not shallow. This is a true story and will give you a lot of insight into the world of the blind.

Never try and change anybody, if you feel the other person needs to changed, it's posiible that he or she was not right for you in the first place. Why would you pity the person? No one is perfect. Empathy I can understand, but pity is for those that cannot overcome their issues.

I am the type of person who always feel sorry for others and I don't think I would be able to get over that fact. Blindness does not affect their personality or their gender or anything that would really make or break a relationship. But I am also patient so I don't know if I could if I was impatient I would cause if you click then you will know that tthat person likes you for you and not for ur looks. Hm what is that supposed to mean..

I personally can not see myself dating a blind person, it is too much to handle for me personally. I am a challenge and it makes them "holy" It is what it is I would rather date someone who is not blind. I wouldn't date a blind person, I would only if I ever go blind. Hi MH, You are very brave and positive, the girls who passed you, that's their loss, you deserve a better one!!!

I don't see the meaning of this question actually, Haha. I think each of us has many parts of mind, feeling, body, thinking If I was denied because I lost a small part of me, I will not happy and glad that you didn't see my all parts, because you will regret and actually you are not worthy at all. I like men with seeing blue eyes. Actually one of my ex-boyfriends is legally blind.

He was such a sweetie! I would do it again if there was some chemistry between us. After all, they are regular people. Self esteem goes a long way. I used to think I was ugly and people have told me I'm ugly before. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Blind dating

I know it is a cliche but it is true. Would you date a blind person? Would you ever date a blind person? I felt the conversational scree on which I was standing begin to shift. I took a swig of my drink, coughed as it went down the wrong way before plonking the glass back down on the slick bar. Far more self assured. Angel Olz punched the air and grinned. Two pompoms appeared in his hands as he went into a cheerleader routine. I scrambled for something to say. It had been going so well, laughter, flirting, physical contact and with that thought, my big stupid mouth opened.

Angel Olz leapt forward, pompoms extended to plug the widening hole… But, he was too late. There was a disturbance in the air, a waft of intoxicating perfume before the gin and tonic splashed into my face.

Would you date a blind person?

People will often avoid asking the questions which they should ask. We need to get the big awkward questions out the way so we can move on, especially in the dating situations. I, self appointed ambassador for all Face Feelers. Blind people , aim debunk these points of contention and, hopefully, in my own little way, make the world just that little bit better. As an aside, a girl did actually make me feel her face at the weekend, she then felt mine even though she could see.

So, to all the girls out there that wonder what the benefits of dating a blind guy are, here goes:. Hey, you do it for me. There is a certain cool factor to looking after others. In the past I have been treated like a fabulous accessory with women fighting over who gets to guide me.